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Cornerstone #1 – The Future

I am sure some of you have heard that my mother died October 4th. This is as very confusing time for me because I miss her terribly and am glad that she is in heaven.  Those two emotions are hard to deal with at the same time. This blog though is about...

The Most Important

The fourth Core Need we deal with as we go through the Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids is Discipline. During the close of that session I ask the question "Which is the most important of the Core Needs. The options are Affections, Boundaries, Consistency...

8/20/19 – Responsibility

I was recently sent a post on FaceBook by a teacher who was getting her room ready for the new year. One Bulletin Board said, "Meet the wizard responsible for your choices, grades, success, words and actions." Below every title (choices, grades success...) was a...

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