Life Is Full of Choices
Our mission is to help empower others to use the forgotten skills necessary to equip children, youth and adults to become responsible. About UsBuy Books

What We Do

We equip those who choose to:

  • Find power in knowing that their choices determine the qualities of their life
  • Live an incredible life through understanding the boundaries in the circumstances of life
  • Experience freedom from the bondage of past circumstances over which they had no control 

We empower people through training:

  • Organizations
  • Educators
  • Parents
  • Groups and individuals

We train:

  • In large group Presentations
  • In group Seminars
  • Through individualized Training

Our Books

Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids

This is the story of John and Sheryl Emra and their work at the Los Angeles Community Center. They started the center with a basketball and a bag of candy in 1986.

Parenting from the Top of the Mountain

 John and Sheryl Emra take the lessons they learned and taught in Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids and apply them to the job of parenting.

Seven Steps to the Top of the Mountain

Parenting is done step by step. This book takes the reader through seven steps that show parents where their actions are taking their children.

The Addict's Choices

A personal and transparent narrative of an addict’s life from isolation, obsession, and drug abuse into a new life and true deliverance. By author, John Wesley Childress.

John & Sheryl Emra

John and Sheryl have always wanted to make an impact on the lives of inner city kids. In 1980, after college, and after working in the business world for a few years, they responded to God’s call to become missionaries.

Join us on our Journey

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