Cornerstone #1 talks about Qualities.

Qualities are the things I choose in life – like my relationship with God, the peace I extend to those around me and the forgiveness I give to others.

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Cornerstone  #2 talks about Circumstances.

Circumstances are things that are given to me or can be taken from me – like my job, house, the church I go to or my family.

Cornerstone #3 takes us where we have never been. It kicks every teenager (or those of any age who act like teenagers) in the proverbial backside who whines “Life is not fair”.

They are right. Life is not fair.  It was never meant to be fair.

Why? I don’t know – it just isn’t.

Life can be unfair because you were born into a family that didn’t have lots of money,  the school you went to or your skin color. Those are all circumstances – you didn’t choose them, so they do not define you!

The 3rd Cornerstone says:

Life is full of choices.
And even though I have not chosen all the circumstances of my life,
I alone determine its qualities,
life is full of choices,
and the choices I make today will determine the qualities of my life
both now and in the future. 

Cornerstone #3 is longer because it needs to convey the reality that while my life is not what I would have chosen I am still responsible for the qualities I choose (in other words, how I respond to my circumstances).

I was born on the poor side of town. Both parents worked for much of my life so I came home from school to an empty house. I didn’t like it and I made some choices that got me in trouble. I chose friends that helped me make bad choices. Two of them have spent years in jail and one has been dead since his 30’s.

I grew up in church. On the outside I was a perfect little boy – but I had not met Jesus.  I knew about Him, but I didn’t know Him.

One day, when I was 14, I met Him. I have been different because of that meeting.

Am I perfect? No. But my connection to Him over the years has changed my outlook on life and my inward look at myself and my responses to my circumstances.

Jesus is a choice. Jesus defines who I am.

To the teenager who is like I was, I say: Grow up, get on with your life. Life is not fair. Get over it and make a choice about your future. 

It really is that easy.

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