The end of the year means different things to different people.

To some people it means shopping.

To others it means parties, family gatherings, gifts, trees and lights.

And to others it means New Year Resolutions.

At Life Is Full Of Choices it means an annual fund raising drive.

As an organization we don’t talk much about our need for support during the year.  We give an opportunity to support our ministry as we send out letters every month but we do not dwell on our need for support. 

But our annual fund raising drive is different because from now until the end of the year Life Is Full Of Choices is participating in a double match program. This means if you do not normally give to Life Is Full Of Choices your gift will be matched. Or if you give on a regular basis, whatever you give that is above and beyond what you normally give a very generous donor has agreed to match that amount.

That a donor would think enough of us to double these gifts is very exciting to us!

The result is that when you are deciding if or where to send your end of year donations Life Is Full Of Choices can make your donation go twice as far.

If you were thinking of donating $100 to a charity, that $100 now becomes $200.  Your $500 becomes $1,000 and your $5,000 becomes ….. well, you get it.

Life Is Full Of Choices has grown.  In the last few years we have adopted two other ministries that have become a part of our family.  

We are working with Free! Recovery in England.  John and Sally Childress have produced a video seminar in 10 sessions to lead people dealing with addiction into freedom.  It is a totally Biblical based course and needs to get into the hands of the Churches around the world. You can find them at

The other ministry is in Hawaii.  Rick and Janet Hann have pastored one Church after another for all of their adult lives.  They know the trials that come from the pastorate.  They have retired from Church leadership and are now making their home available for ministers and missionaries to refresh themselves for the road ahead.  You can find them at

If the responses from our website are any indication, Life Is Full Of Choices is meeting the needs of people.  I read responses from all over the world that talk about how our concept of raising responsible adults is exactly what that person needed to hear – and our resources help them as they are raising their kids. They have been searching and now how glad they are to find this information or sometimes they say they will share this information with their brother, sister, co-worker…

Again, you can choose to support us, John and Sheryl, as we are reaching into families all over the world, with the plan of how to raise their kids to be responsible citizens. And according to the news that is what the world needs right now.  You can find us at

To make a donation, follow this link to our website donation page. You will be given some options how how you can make a donation. Choose one and we will send you a receipt early in January.

Thank you for choosing to read the blogs, choosing to incorporate them into your life and choosing to share the Biblical truth of Life Is Full Of Choices with others.

In His grip,


for John and Sheryl Emra

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